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As a CACFP sponsor, all our meals are USDA-approved and include all the necessary components, such as a fruit, a vegetable (or two or more different vegetables), grains, protein, and milk. We serve nutritious, balanced and fulfilling meals, reflective of the specific needs of different age groups. Our center is famous for its cuisine. At a huge commercial kitchen located right in our building, our amazing second-generation chef with over 30 years of experience and her wonderful team create culinary masterpieces that make children healthy, parents happy and us proud.


At Ann Kids Day Care Center, we serve three homemade-style meals a day. Children get different soups daily and have a three week menu rotation with a great variety of meals. We have a worked-out schedule for serving food, so that all the meals and snacks are appropriately timed. At meal time the dining table is set with disposable plates and flatware. Good table manners are modeled and encouraged. Menus are posted for viewing by parents/caregivers. A caregiver who is trained in first-aid and CPR is present at all meals.

If a child has a disabling dietary need, we can make meal substitutions as long as there is a Medical Plan of Care filled out by a licensed medical professional. If a child has milk intolerance, we can provide lactose-free milk, but the form must still be filled out by the parent. Except for lactose-free milk, Ann Kids does not provide meal substitutions for any dietary preferences that are not disabling dietary restrictions. However, parents may substitute one component with the same type component while their child still receives the rest of the components (ex. vegetarian families are welcome to substitute meat with tofu). Parents may also bring additional components; however, we do not allow nuts or shellfish on the premises. 

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