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Ages 1 to 3 years old


Safety, comfort and happiness of your children is our main concern. Your kids are our kids! We approach them with love and care, so that every child feels at home. Our caregivers do their best to reduce separation anxiety and ensure emotional comfort of your children by creating a positive and friendly atmosphere. We prepare your kids for preschool, building their social skills and teaching them all the necessary educational basics.


Ages 3 to 5 years old


We have a bilingual preschool, taught in both Russian and English languages. Children learn social interaction, basic math, reading, writing, shapes, weather, and many other school subjects. With a closed playground right outside, children get a lot of fresh air and physical activity. They have dance and singing lessons, music class, speech development, and art included in their extensive educational and developmental program. We make sure that their learning process is fun and engaging, so that they are excited to come back and learn more.


Ages 5 to 6 years old


Our kindergarten provides a wonderful transition for school. Children gain a lot of knowledge through a variety of fun and creative activities. Our goal is to help them learn a lot without any stress or pressure. Hence we have an individualized approach to every child and use the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum alongside Pennsylvania’s Early Learning Standards. While we are a bilingual program, our children never need ESL when they go to school, because we have a licensed, third-generation teacher, who is a passionate educator and a native speaker. 


Ages 5 to 13 years old


Our After-School Program is a professional learning environment, not a babysitting service. We have licensed teachers, both Russian and American, who were previously employed at some of the best schools in Pennsylvania, including Council Rock School District. Our teachers do not simply supervise your children doing their homework. They check for accuracy and neatness, explain mistakes, help children with correcting them, and then check each student’s assignment book to make sure that no homework was missed. We help children with projects, test preparation, and explain all the material that is unclear. We guarantee results and reward children's efforts and improvements with prizes.


Ages 5 to 13 years old


Our summer camp is famous for the variety of activities offered. Every week children go on two different trips such as horseback riding, Safari, museums, theaters, water parks, nature centers, entertainment centers, farms, and many other interesting places, where kids spend an unforgettable time. We also offer dance classes, drama lessons, athletic activities, swimming, singing, and karate as a part of the program. Twice a week children also have an academic hour, when they divide into different grade levels and have lessons on a variety of subjects.


After-School and Summer Camp

Ages 8 to 13 years old

(7 year old kids may be accepted upon passing the entrance exam)


Ann Kids offers both STEM After-School Program and STEM Summer Camp. In the 5 week sessions, students do science experiments, create robots, and master various computer programs. They are submerged into a fun and exciting learning environment where they obtain hands-on experience with real science. They are guided through why and how things work. With the use of several intricate kits, students work in small teams to accomplish tasks and even compete against each other. The goal is to introduce STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to younger students in an enjoyable way with hands-on fun!

After-School Program
Summer Camp
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