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Ages 1 to 3 years old


Safety, comfort and happiness of your children are our main priorities. We've created a nurturing environment where young minds flourish. Your kids are our kids! We approach them with love and care, so that every child feels at home. Our teachers do their best to reduce separation anxiety and ensure emotional comfort of your children by creating a positive and fun learning environment. We prepare your kids for preschool, building their social skills and teaching them all the necessary educational basics through fun and engaging activities, while also providing delicious homemade-style meals and spending a lot of time outdoors.


Ages 3 to 5 years old


At our Ann Kids, learning is an adventure and every child's potential shines! Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to ignite curiosity and embrace creativity, as children embark on exciting journey of self-discovery, mastering essential skills in math, reading, writing, and science through engaging, play-based activities. We are proud partners with the Philadelphia School District and the Mayor's Office of Education, ensuring our program aligns with the highest educational standards while being available to more families in our community through the many government subsidy programs that we accept. Our exceptional school preparation sets a strong foundation for your child's academic future. We create an environment where children are excited to return each day, eager to learn and grow.

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Ages 5 to 12 years old


Our After-School Program is a professional learning environment, not a babysitting service. Our teachers do not simply supervise your children doing their homework. They check for accuracy and neatness, explain mistakes, help children with correcting them, and then check each student’s assignment book to make sure that no homework was missed. We help children with projects, test preparation, and explain all the material that is unclear. We guarantee results and reward children's efforts and improvements. We also make sure that kids eat a healthy and delicious lunch upon arrival from school, and once they are done, we take them outside to have fun at the playground.


Ages 3 to 12 years old


Our Summer Camp offers unique entertainment that will make your children’s summer unforgettable! Besides foreign languages, music, horseback riding lessons, gymnastics, arts and crafts projects (including food art and pottery!), sports games, daily time outdoors, and other awesome activities, we also go on field trips and invite spectacular shows! Every week there are at least two special events, such as circus, magic, science experiments, exotic animal encounters, petting zoo, workshops and masterclasses, comedy, musicals, mind-blowing stunts, theater, bubbles, award-winning and celebrity performers, and that’s just to name a few! Our job is to make sure your kids can’t stop saying “Wow!” 

After-School Program
Summer Camp
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