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We look forward to welcoming you to Ann Kids Family!

Please, bring the following documents to complete the enrollment process

or to get on the waiting list.

Once you fill out the paperwork

please contact us schedule a drop-off

If you do not have access to a printer,

we will be happy to print the forms for you:

Request a Printed-Out Application

215-214-5539 - Palmetto 
267-206-0755 - Jamison

During the drop off, please wear a mask and keep a distance of at least 6ft



Daycare Applicatio


Summer Camp Application

Preschool Application

 After-School Program Application

PreK Counts Application

(please complete BOTH Form 1 and Form 2 below):

 PreK Counts Form 1

 PreK Counts Form 2


PHLPreK Application

(please complete ALL the forms below):

 PHLPreK Form 1

 PHLPreK Form 2

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